Frequently Asked Questions

DaVarg Philosophy 

  • What drives DaVarg?

We are passionate about the elegance of leather and the character and durability of full-grain leather. We started by developing and crafting unique designs that bring back the essence of traditional western saddlery, made before the invention of plastics and other synthetic materials, by using only natural leather and hand-made saddle-stitching. 

We also believe in the philosophy that ‘form improves function’. So our designs go through several iterations before we release them into the market. 

We want you to find this philosophy will find this every DaVarg article. Our articles are designed and crafted to serve you for generations, made with natural vegetable-tanned, full-grain leather, hand-stitched one stitch at a time. 

  • Aren't handcrafted leather articles expensive?

Yes and no. They may have a higher initial price but they offer a much higher value.

All our articles are hand made with full-grain leather. They are made in limited quantities and meant to be appreciated like finely-crafted heirloom items that last generations a lifetime. They are further backed by our lifetime guarantee.

Like all heirloom items, we make then so you need to buy them only once. We design and craft that these articles to outlast you.

  • What determines the price of these articles?

    The amount of leather and time it takes to hand stitch.

    The leather we use is the premium grade, vegetable-tanned full-grain leather, sourced from US tanneries. We craft in Texas and reward our artisans for the care and attention they put into creating articles for you. 

    DaVarg Leather

    • What is great about Full-Grain Leather?
    Full-grain leather retains the upper epidermal layer of skin, which is cherished due to its ability to allow the leather to mature. Unlike many other materials, full-grain matures and develop more character with everyday use. Our articles benefit from the elegance, character and durability of full-grain leather.  This leather is not inexpensive due to its global demand. 
    • Which animal provides this Leather?
    Full-grain leather can be made from most animal skins, but as the epidermal layer needs to develop strength and resilience over the animal’s lifetime, it is typically made from animals that live for several years- such as cows, bison, and buffalo. DaVarg uses cowhides since few other leather can match its elegance and character. 


    • What is Vegetable Tanning? 
    Vegetable tanning is a natural process that converts raw animal skin into a durable, resilient material that can last centuries. It uses tannins derived from tree barks or wood that react with the protein fibers in the hides. Vegetable tanning can take several weeks from start to finish. The exact tannins and the specific tanning processes are proprietary to the tannery since the tanning process imparts specific character to leather.
    • How durable is Full-Grain Leather?
    Leather, especially of the vegetable-tanned full-grain variety, is remarkably durable. This is due to the thick, fibrous corium layer that provides much of the strength that distinguishes real leather from artificial leather products. Full-grain leather can last decades, if not centuries.
    • How is the leather dyed?
    At DaVarg, we use deeply penetrating dyes that go deep within the grain layers of the leather. This prevents an external coating on the leather but ensures a deep shade that enhances the pull-up effect as well as the maturation of DaVarg leather.
    • Is the shade durable?
    DaVarg shades are made to be very durable and to withstand everyday use. With use, the shades further develop the character with the absorption of moisture and oils.
    • Why is the Corium layer of the Leather coated?
    Full-grain leather is normally exposed on the corium leather. While the loose weave structure of corium gives it its suppleness, these corium fibers can come loose with use. To remedy that, we coat the leather on the corium side to hold the fibers together. This coating is thin and supple and allows the leather to flex.
    • How does Full-Grain Leather develop more character with use?
    The character of full-grain leather comes from several factors. Some notable factors are found in leather’s soft and luxurious grain structure as well as the natural patterns, such as wrinkle marks, it bears from nature, which enhance with use. For example, consistently bending the leather in certain areas will develop a unique pattern and a multi-tone patina at that bend. Another factor is the contrasting handmade stitching that further adds the character.


    DaVarg Stitching

    • What is DaVarg's Saddle-Stitching?
    Saddle-stitching is a method of hand stitching involving two needles used to criss-cross two threads to join leather. It is so named due to its prevalence in joining thick layers of leather in saddles back before the invention of the sewing machine. Unlike machine-made “lock stitches”, handmade saddle stitches are very durable and do not unravel.
    • What makes the stitches so consistent?
    Our saddle-stitching uses a consistent stitch pattern with a thicker thread. Every stitch length is made one at a time, with the threads pulled on both sides to set the stitch with equal tension. This allows the stitches to have the right incline and height. Due to our unique hand-stitching process, our stitches are perfectly aligned and lasts forever. 
    • Why hand stitching?
    Two main reasons- durability and elegance. Our durable saddle-stitching is done with a bonded polyester thread. This allows for the stitches to not unravel even when a thread is broken. And you can see the elegance for yourself in each of our handcrafted articles. Every stitch is set a specific offset, perfectly aligned to edges.
    • Why are stitches in contrasting?
    We found that the contrasting stitches add a certain character to the articles. For that, we chose a color that works will all shades of DaVarg leather. The consistency of handmade stitching perfectly highlights the character of the leather. We specifically chose the ‘red-line’ contrasting stitches to set DaVarg articles apart from the rest.
    • Is there any sort of machine stitching in a DaVarg article?
    There is no machine stitching in DaVarg articles.
    • How long does it take to stitch an article?
    Handcrafting articles takes time, but the resultant character is worth the time and hard work. However, the time depends on the article. For example, a BOND wallet takes 45 minutes to stitch and finish, with the edge coating taking 20 minutes. But we found the time well spent since we know of no other leather article created with such care and precision.

      DaVarg Leather Care

      • Does full-grain leather need a special care process?
      Full-grain leather is to be cared for just like any other leather. Just like our own skin it needs to be kept clean from dust and dirt, which can be done with a slightly damp cloth. However, since leather is like skin, it requires some moisture and oils to prevent it from fully drying out. EEVE’s leather care products such as conditioning oil and rejuvenating oil replenish the grain and corium layers with the oils that the leather needs to stay healthy.
      • Does proper care affect the development of the leather’s character?
      Proper care enables the full-grain to absorb essential moistures and stay flexible. This allows the leather to develop the pull-up effect and the multi-tone patina. A properly cared full-grain leather article is going to last for generations.

      Made in Texas, USA

      • Is everything from DaVarg made in the USA?
      Yes.  DaVarg articles are proudly designed and handcrafted in Texas, USA. The leather is sourced from US tanneries and much of the brass hardware is sourced from the USA as well. However, we are aware that hardware today is being supplied globally into the USA and that the pieces we procure may be manufactured from outside the USA.
      • Are all of your products shipped from Texas?
      Yes, we ship from Dallas. If you have any issues with our articles and/or need to talk to someone directly over the phone, you will be talking to someone in Dallas, Texas.
      • How long does it to ship a unit out?
      Most articles that are shown in the DaVarg website are kept in stock and will ship out within 48 hours. However, things can still run out of stock quickly. We will inform you if any of the products you ordered are still in the crafting process. If products are not in stock, we will ship them as soon as they are ready through USPS Mail to get them to you as soon as possible.
      • Do you ship internationally? Where have you shipped so far?
      We have already shipped to 33 countries and continue to ship internationally. Sometimes the cost of shipping can be high, but we try to offer the lowest cost throughout United States Postal Service (USPS) account. We also offer Expedited and Priority shipping with tracking through our USPS account.
      • Is shipping free in the USA?

      We offer free USPS First Class shipping within the continental United States. Most orders qualify for this free shipping.

      Returns & Exchanges

      • What is the refund policy?
      We don’t want you to keep a DaVarg article with you that you don’t absolutely love. So we offer a 45-day return policy.
      • Do I have to contact DaVarg before returning an article?
      We ask that you contact us so that we can give you the return shipping address and a reference number so that we can expedite the refund once we receive the items.
      • How long does it take to refund the amount?
      We refund the amount within 72 hours after receiving the item. In many cases we refund on the same day we receive the item.
      • Do you refund shipping fees?
      Yes, if the return is due to a manufacturing defect or an error that happened from our side. For other returns, we will deduct the shipping fee we paid to USPS from the refund amount.
      • Do you offer repair services?
      Yes. If you need any DaVarg article to be repaired, just contact us. We want you to be satisfied with every DaVarg article, and we will do our best to keep these articles ready to serve you.